Calendars And Scheduling

Optimize Your Time with Smart Calendars

Plan, organize and manage your activities effortlessly.


Manage Your Time Accurately

Coordinating and scheduling becomes a simple task with our smart calendar solutions.

Total Integration

Synchronize with other calendars and don’t miss a beat.

Proactive Alerts

Receive notifications before every important event.

Custom View

Adapt your calendar display to your needs.

Collaboration Made Easy

Easily share your calendar with your team.

Avoid No Shows with Our Calendar Connection

  • ZIntegrate your Google or Outlook Calendar
  • ZSchedule Appointments
  • ZAppointment Reminders via Text and Email

Frequently Asked Questions.

Calendars And Scheduling FAQ

How can I sync my CRM calendar with other external calendars?

Our platform allows easy synchronization with most external calendars, such as Google Calendar and Outlook, ensuring that all your appointments and events are up to date and accessible from any device.

Is it possible to configure different calendar views?

Yes, you can customize your calendar view to show your day, week, month or year, depending on what best suits your planning needs.

How do I set reminders for my events?

You can set automatic reminders that will notify you before an event via email or push notifications, so you never miss an important meeting.

What security measures are applied to my calendar?

Your calendars are protected with high-level encryption and stringent access controls to ensure that only authorized people can view or modify your calendar.

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