Call Tracking

Master your Communication with Advanced Call Tracking

Visualize the real impact of your telephone campaigns and optimize your communication strategies.


Advantages of Call Tracking

Transform your telephone interactions into valuable, actionable data.

Detailed Logging

Automate the data capture of all your calls.

Campaign Analytics

Accurately measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

Service Improvement

Optimize customer service quality based on real data.

Marketing Integration

Unify call tracking with your marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions.

iMax Call Tracking FAQ

How is call information captured?

Our system automatically records details such as duration, origin, and outcome of each call, storing them for later analysis.

Can I track calls from all marketing campaigns?

Yes, our system can be configured to track calls from various campaigns, regardless of the media used.

Is it possible to integrate Call Tracking with other CRM tools?

Absolutely, our Call Tracking solution integrates seamlessly with other CRM tools to enrich your customer data.

How will I receive reminders for my appointments?

Set your preferences to receive reminders by email or text message, ensuring you never forget an important appointment.

What kind of reports can I generate from Call Tracking data?

You can generate various types of reports, from performance analysis to specific details of interactions, helping you make informed decisions.

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