Manage your Conversations Effectively

Centralize and optimize all your customer interactions in one intuitive platform.


Advantages of Conversation Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your interactions with advanced conversation tools.

Complete Registration

Save and access every interaction easily.

Quick Responses

Expedite responses with automated tools.

Sentiment Analysis

Evaluate emotions and tones in communications.

AI Integration

Uses AI to interpret and answer queries.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Conversations FAQ

How are conversations stored in the CRM?

All interactions are stored in a secure database, allowing easy access and analysis to continuously improve relationship management.

Can I integrate Conversations with other communication channels?

Yes, our platform allows you to easily integrate channels such as email, text messaging and social media, centralizing all your communications in one place.

How do you use sentiment analysis to improve interactions?

Sentiment analysis examines tone and emotion in communications, which helps personalize responses and improve customer satisfaction.

What role does AI play in conversation management?

AI can analyze queries, provide automated responses and suggest solutions based on previous data, making the interaction more efficient and personalized.

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