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Frequently Asked Questions.

Customer Service FAQ

How do I access chat and Zoom support?

To access our chat and Zoom support, simply visit our website and use the chat feature or request a Zoom call. These options are available in the bottom corner of our home page, ensuring you can connect with us at any time of the day.

What type of assistance can I expect through chat support?

Our chat support is designed to provide fast and effective answers to your questions. From technical issues to general queries, our team is equipped to provide you with instant solutions and detailed guides, ensuring you’re never left without help.

For more complex issues, how can Zoom support help me?

For issues that require more detailed attention, our Zoom support offers an opportunity to interact face-to-face with our specialists. This allows for clearer communication and screen sharing for a more efficient and personalized solution to your problems.

What measures are in place to ensure continuity of service outside of business hours?

Our commitment to 24/7 customer service means that someone is always available, even outside of business hours. We have teams in different time zones and back-up technology to ensure that our service is never interrupted, providing reliable support at all times.

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