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Showcase your Google reviews directly on your site to build trust and attract new customers.


Enhance Your Site with Real Customer Feedback

Leverage the power of customer testimonials with our Google Review Widget, bringing transparency and trust directly to your webpage.

Build Trust Instantly

Display real reviews to foster trust.

Automated Updates

Always show the latest feedback automatically.

Increase Conversion Rates

Reviews boost confidence, increasing sales.

Customizable Display

Adjust the widget to fit your site’s style.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Google Review Widget FAQ

How do I add the Google Review Widget to my website?

Adding the Google Review Widget to your site is straightforward. You simply need to integrate our widget into your webpage using a small piece of code that we provide. This code can be placed where you want the reviews to appear. Our support team is available to guide you through the process if needed, ensuring a seamless integration.

Can I select which reviews are displayed?

Our widget automatically displays the most recent high-rated reviews to ensure visitors see your best feedback. However, you can customize settings to exclude certain reviews if necessary. This allows you to maintain control over what testimonials are shown, aligning with your brand’s message.

Is the widget compatible with all types of websites?

Yes, our Google Review Widget is designed to be compatible with virtually any website platform. Whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, or a custom-built site, our widget can be integrated without disrupting your site’s design or functionality.

How does the widget update the reviews displayed?

The widget is connected directly to your Google My Business account and updates automatically whenever new reviews are posted. This ensures that the testimonials displayed are always up-to-date, providing potential customers with the latest customer experiences.

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