Reputation Management

Elevate Your Online Presence with Proactive Reputation Management

utomate customer feedback collection to build a robust online reputation that attracts more business.


Boost Your Business with Strategic Reputation Management

Enhance your credibility and visibility online by encouraging continuous, authentic customer feedback through our automated system.

Automated Review Requests

Send review requests via email and SMS.

Customer Satisfaction Insights

Gain insights from real customer feedback.

Increased Positive Exposure

Boost visibility with more positive reviews.

Streamlined Feedback Process

Make it easy for customers to leave reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions.

iMax Reputation Management FAQ

How do automated campaigns help with reputation management?

Our automated email and SMS campaigns simplify the process of requesting reviews from satisfied customers. By systematically encouraging feedback after a service or purchase, your business can accumulate a steady flow of authentic reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook. This not only enhances your visibility but also builds trust with potential customers.

Can I control which customers are asked for reviews?

Yes, you can customize the criteria for sending review requests. Our system allows you to target satisfied customers based on their interaction or transaction history, ensuring that you are more likely to receive positive feedback that genuinely reflects the quality of your service or product.

What platforms can I collect reviews on through this system?

Our system is designed to facilitate review collection on major platforms such as Google and Facebook. You can also integrate other review sites relevant to your industry to widen your online presence and reputation management efforts.

How does this system handle negative feedback?

While our system encourages positive reviews, it also provides a mechanism for handling negative feedback effectively. Customers who indicate dissatisfaction can be directed to a private form to express their concerns, allowing you to address issues directly and potentially prevent public negative reviews.

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